About me

My name is Cristal Bittencourt and I  have been working with social media for the last nine years, especially focusing on creating content and building strategies,  combined with SEO techniques. In the last couple of years, I also gathered experience with Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Google Analytics (having both Google certifications).

Fun fact: Before I started working in advertising, I got my degree and became a lawyer. But my personal projects helped me realize my passion for digital, and I soon started devoting all my time both to communication and digital marketing.

In my last experience at the Omnicom Group, back in Brazil, I was responsible for managing and overseeing the digital side of the campaigns of many clients, from malls to department stores, developing strategies, monitoring and reporting, always making sure clients understand what the agency was aiming for.

I also have a lot of experience writing reports with analytics social media tools, always concentrating on the right metrics for the brand, looking for both organic and paid media growth. I am detail-oriented, creative, very organized, persistent and I have a strong sense of team spirit, which has allowed me to be coordinate both social and media teams.

 I also have a postgraduate degree in strategic communication and brand management and, being new to Canada, I’m studying creative advertising at Seneca for a better understanding of the Canadian marketing field.

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