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Brazilian campaign brings attention to drunk driven consequences

April 10, 2019 | Ads

When advertising an important cause like the consequences of drunk driven, it’s essential to try to reach people with a campaign that is both engaging and efficient. In this Brazilian ad, the creative concept or the “big idea” behind the campaign is all about the money. If people don’t care about the effects that drink […]

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Heineken: The Cliché

November 20, 2018 | Ads

In 2016, Publicis launched a campaign for Heineken in Brazil called The Cliché. In the ad, we see three couples having dinner while the men receive a message saying that they are invited to a Heineken’s party that will be transmitting the Champions League Final. But first, they need to convince their girlfriends to go […]

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Alexa Loses Her Voice and finds many celebrities to help

| Ads

When advertisers want to associate their products with aspirational reference groups, they usually resort to celebrity advertising. And that’s what Amazon did for this year’s Super Bowl ad for one of its main products: Alexa. In the 90 second ad, we see Amazon’s personal assistant suddenly losing her voice. The happening quickly becomes news and the Amazon’s […]

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