Advertising Campaigns: How it all begins

February 9, 2019

Advertising campaigns are created to solve a specific issue or pursue a new opportunity for the client. To facilitate the creative thinking, it’s important to divide the final goal into specific advertising objectives.

After the client presents the challenge that the agency must resolve, before even start thinking about the big idea, it’s important to understand and analyze:

Market Information

Information on the market the client is in and what the client’s place in it is.

Market Profile

The summary of the market the client is trying to reach.

Product Profile

Information on the product that the client wants to promote, including its benefits and strengths.

Competitor Profile

Information on the competitors, what their position is in the market, and how it relates to the client.

Target Market Profile

The demographic, psychographic, and geographic info on their target audience.


How much money the client is willing to spend on advertising.